Keep you safe with SPiDER TM
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Keep you safe with SPiDER TM

In 1996, a hacker installed hacking program at KORNET internet and took customer information in order to transfer and withdraw mony at multiple bank. B card company damaged of hundreds of millions through goods purchases, cash withdrawals at South Asia, stealing customer information in 1998.

Since Sept. 19, 2012, the websites of Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank and PNC Bank have all suffered day-long slowdowns and been sporadically unreachable for many customers. Recently, the cyber attack on South Korean banks and media outlets in March 2013 was part of a wider four-year military espionage operation against the Seoul government.

Enterprise Security Management SPiDER TM

As we could see, without security measures and controls in place, your data might easily be subjected to an attack. Some attacks are passive, meaning information is monitored; others are active, meaning the information is altered with intent to corrupt or destroy the data or the network itself. Your networks and data are vulnerable to any types of attacks if you do not have a security plan in place. That is the reason for the existence of SPiDER TM (Security Information and Event Management ).

SPiDER TM manages the distributed individual security and network devices, servers, applications, and databases to effectively and efficiently.

SPiDER TM provides an intuitive operational process. Logs are collected, normalized, filtered and aggregated by the Agent. The manager will analyze and correlate the logs using a powerful correlation system. With the actionable intelligence, the console will timely detected the incident and alert the security administrator, give total visibility to track and trace the incident and generated reports for improved productivity, giving security administrators a total holistic view of the network. SPiDER TM provides your organization with flexible and efficient monitoring of you most important business and its assets.

SPiDER TM Key features

Event Collection

- Supports agent and agentless setup

- Interoperates with +259 security/network devices and solutions

- Supports API, SNMP, Log File, etc.

Anomaly Based Analysis

- Unknown malware detection IP, port

- Real-time Correlation

Statistical Analysis

- Top source IP, destination IP, port

- Real-time event status

- Trend analysis: daily, weekly, monthly

- Maximum/minimum event occurring rate alert

User APP Log Monitoring

- Detect application error and warning

- User-defined alerts

System Monitoring

- System resource (CPU, Memory, disk usage) monitoring

- Successful / failed login activity

- Access and configuration changes

- Important process monitoring

- Important file integrity check

Customizable Reports

- Daily, weekly, monthly reports

- Detailed/summarized reports

- Detailed information of top country, attacker, etc.

3D Visualization

- Intuitive 3D visualization

- Holistic view

- Detailed information of top country, attacker, etc.


- Wide security device compatibility


- Horizontal and vertical expansion to better adapt to the growing needs of an expanding organization

Intelligent Preset

- Common collection rules preset for the most common scenarios


- Flexible reports and user settings for effectiveness and efficiency to better meet the needs of the organization

3D Visualization

- A holistic view of the security environment

SPiDER TM Construction

Enterprise Security Management SPiDER TM Construction


IGLOO SECURITY, INC. we are a leader and pioneer company in SIEM (Security Information & Event Management), PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) and MSS (Managed Security Services); providing intuitive security management solution and service to global company sectors: government, finance, enterprise, telecom and education.

The focused mission of IGLOO SECURITY, INC is to provide groundbreaking technology and unbeatable security knowledge, delivered to our partners and customers. Since 2001, IGLOO SECURITY, INC. has been the No.1 providerof high-value, cost-effective security intelligence products in Korea. The company’s flagship product, SPiDER TM, integrates disparate servers, security devices and solution for intuitivesecurity event management IGLOO SECURITY INC. assures peace of mind to our 750+ customers in the various sectors. We safeguard our customer’s information asset, time, reputation and resources by protecting them with our groundbreaking products and services.


Proudly being partnered with IGLOO SERCURITY, NETNAM becomes the sole provider for SPiDER TM in Vietnam. Based on more than 18 years experiences in providing internet services, NETNAM must be your most trusted consultant, provider and partner for sercurity products.

Please contact us for further information:


No.18, Hoang Quoc Viet Str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam 10000

Tel: (+84) 4 1900 1586 Fax: (+84) 4 3756 1888

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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