Possibility of Open-Sourcing NetNam HIS Software to the public

The introduction of HIS Software and the Posibility of Open-sourcing it to the public” workshop was successfully held by NetNam Corporation (NetNam) and Vietnam Free and Open Source Software Association (VFOSSA) in June 2014 at NetNam headquarter in Hanoi.


Hospital has their big and updated databases and one of the most important things is to found a solution to collect, classify and manage these databases in an effective way. Based on these essential requirements, NetNam has developed Hospital Information Software (HIS) and successfully applied to Hanoi Institute of Ophthalmology for many years. This is considered as a total solution for storing and developing hospital data information systems to actively support for both doctors and patients.

In regards to sharing this software's benefits and effectiveness to IT community, the workshop focused on providing the overall view on HIS Software to Open-source community and enterprises. Moreover, NetNam appeals other partners to develop and apply this software to other hospitals in order to modernize the database management. The workshop also provides attendees the idea of development and open-source this software in very near future.

This is also known as one of the main activities to enforce the relationship between VFOSSA's members including iWay, Vinades, DTT, Nacencomm, THT Solutions and other open-source supporters.




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