NetNam and the effort to place Vietnam in the global internet IPv6

After the official lauching last year, 6 May becomes Vietnam IPv6 Day and will be celebrated every year later on. This year, the conference and exhibition with the theme of IPv6 showcase has been held in JW Marriott Hotel in Hanoi. A lot of ISPs, IT enterprises including NetNam – one of leading IPv6 in Vietnam actively joined in this event.

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Mr. Hoang Nguyen - Representative of NetNam in IPv6 Day 2014

At the early year, the site “” has published its lists of TOP 223 global ISPs having measurable IPv6 traffic in the world. AS 24173 of NetNam Corporation has become the first ISP in Vietnam to be listed in the statistics. That is the great effort of NetNam for a long time since the project AI3/SOI to research for advanced internet in 2001.

As The Ministry of Communication and Informations has established Vietnam IPv6 Task Force, NetNam and several ISPs resist their efforts to enhance, experience and deploy IPv6 in Vietnam.

Connecting with global internet IPv6 through leading Tier-1 ISPs in Hongkong, NetNam's IPv6 Infrastructure has been ready for provide serives to customers since 2013. Those serivces allow people to access internet IPv6 with all the kinds of services such as website, broadband internet, mobile internet, tunnel broker, etc.

There is no doubt that NetNam has contributed to the research and development of IPv6 in Vietnam including deployment and preparation for challenges such as IoTs or information security.

NetNam và nỗ lực đưa Việt Nam hiện diện trên Internet IPv6 toàn cầu - See more at:
NetNam và nỗ lực đưa Việt Nam hiện diện trên Internet IPv6 toàn cầu - See more at:
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