IPv6: NetNam to stay on top

Where is NetNam located in IPv6 global map? Responding to the growing concern of IPv6 all over the world, it is extremely important to define what an ISP will do to deploy and develop their IPv6.

So what does NetNam have?

Logo go6

Leading IPv6 in Vietnam

Currently, NetNam confirmed their leading position in Vietnam for both IPv6 traffic and services.

According to the IPv6 global official website hosted by ISOC (www.worldipv6launch.org), there are 223 network operators in the world having considerable IPv6 application. To be listed in this website, those operators should have the IPv6 traffic of more than 0,1% and measured by leading internet companies comprising Google, Akamaiz, etc.

NetNam is proud to be the only network operator in Vietnam to be named in WorldIPv6Launch with the IPv6 traffic of 0,61%. Though it is impossible to compare with the total traffic, that will improve the position of Vietnam in the world IPv6 map.

What is provided by NetNam?

In terms of IPv6 Internet access, customers are able to enjoy the dual-stack access for both DIA and FTTx.

Many sites including hosted by NetNam and other providers are running with both IPv4 and IPv6 in parallel. These websites would display the logo IPv6 Ready certificated by international organisations.

NetNam tunnel-broker also give customers chance to access global IPv6 internet. 20.000 accounts have taken advantage of this service to get in touch with the new generation.

Last year, NetNam has launched their own portal to provide updated news about the deployment and application of IPv6 in the world and in Vietnam to active respond to Vietnam IPv6 Launch. There is a mobile version for Android to support more users.

The ability

To achieve this result, NetNam has researched and experienced this next generation of internet protocol for many years. Many of NetNam experts has certified by Hurricane Electric, the leading ISP in the world and No.1 in IPv6 in Northen America.

In 2014, NetNam shall keep investing both human resources and capital to preapare for the very near massive explosion of IPv6.


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