ICT Meeting 2014: NetNam awarded by MIC

In occasion of new year 2014, Vietnam ICT community has their first meeting in the theme of Vietnam ICT: Opportunity and Challenge. Mister Nguyen Quan, Minister of Science and Technology; Mister Nguyen Minh Hong, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication; and leaders of Vietnam Association for Information Processing (VAIP) has joined this meeting.


ICT Meeting 2014 was a great opportunity for ICT community to exchange relations and share information. By this event, NetNam was honored to be awarded by Ministry of Information and Communication for our contribution to the development of Vietnam ICT.


CEO NetNam awarded by MIC

The Meeting was hosted by VAIP when also celebrates their 25th anniversary. VAIP was founded in 1989 by the first Chairman - Mister Tran Dinh Dieu and known as the biggest IT social occupation organization in Vietnam. This association comprises 38 members located in other provinces, Vietnam Free and Open Source Software Association (VFOSSA), 20 groups in organizations and universities and 50 ICT enterprises with up to 40.000 associates.


VAIP has played an important role in consulting job opportunities, considering IT applications and law to develop Vietnam ICT. The association also makes impression on training generations such as Olympic, ACM/ICPC and others creative activities including Summer Code, Imagine CUP. Some ICT reports on current reality comprising Vietnam ICT Insight and Vietnam ICT Index were published by VAIP.


The conference “Vietnam ICT - Opportunity and Challenge” held at the same day has attracted many consideration of attendees from organizations, associations and members of VAIP. Most of attendees share their concern about the strategy of developing Vietnam ICT, training human resources and enhencing adoption of IT in state management and government.


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