Ensuring the stability of NetNam services due to AAG submarine cable broke

According to the representative of AAG (Asia America Gate Way) submarine cable management, the cable system was found cut 278 kilometres off the coast of Vung Tau central city on December 20, on the line from Viet Nam to Hong Kong. Consequently, communication services such as emails and video calls from Viet Nam to foreign places are facing congestion problems. This has been seriously affected Vietnam users when 60% of the Internet traffic using this cable.


AAG submarine cable diagram

Recently, Vietnam users has to suffer from the reduce of service quality when almost the access to the oversea countries seem to be slower. To prevent from that influence, NetNam ISP took their actions to ensure the quality of Internet access for all the customers and partners. By using various way to connect to foreign places and maintain the climax of each line around 30%, the processing of recovering total traffic to international connection has been finished faster than expected.

Until 23rd Dec 4.pm, NetNam has activated two more back-up lines to support the recent stable ones using its most capacity to keep the Internet acess stable. Based on reports from NOC, NetNam services still has its best quality and none of the customers or partners of NetNam has been suffered from this accident including the connection to USA, Japan and Europe.

"AAG submarine cable has been cut several times for recent years. Repairing it does not depend on any agency in Vietnam. Sometimes it tooks almost 1 month to repair the cable. Therefore, NetNam always take effort to prepare for various back-up lines to ensure the quality of services.", said Mr. Binh Vu, CEO NetNam.


The AAG cable, with a total length of 20,000 kilometres, was put in operation in November 2009. It connects the Southeast Asian region directly to the United States, and in Viet Nam, it lies on the Vung Tau coast. The cable has been cut earlier too, in 2011 and 2012. The last incident occurred on August 13, 2012, in the same location, and it took about two weeks to fix it.

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