Joined in IPv6 Task Force since its early days, NetNam has now completed its native connection as well as tunnel connection.

On May 10, 2011, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) held the meeting of IPv6 Task Force in order to have an over view of IPv6 and set plans for IPv6 deployment in the next phases. Coming to the meeting, there were representatives from APNIC, NTT Communications and from other ISPs in Viet Nam. NetNam participated in the meeting as member of the IPv6 Task Force who had deeply stepped in to IPv6 transit.

At the beginning of the meeting, VNNIC presented the exhausting status of IPv4 address of Asia – Pacific area, the plan of IPv6 Task Force, and the report of IPv6 deployment in Viet Nam. According to VNNIC, among 09 ISPs who had connected to VNNIC’s IPv6 network there are only NetNam, Viettel, VSTV still in the connection and NetNam is the only ISP completing native and tunnel connection.

NetNam started research on IP version 6 since 2000s beginning with the project AI3 ( Asia Internet Interconnection Initiative) and now NetNam has ben totally ready to join in the IPv6 World Day held by the Internet Society ISOC on June 8, 2011. NetNam will provide users tools and services to test Ipv6 on this day. The website has also been established to update the latest news about Ipv6 deployment in Viet Nam and in all over sthe world as well.



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