ASEAN Banker Forum 2012

ASEAN Banker Forum 2012

Retail Banking: Building competitive advantages that engage and retain customers”

ASEAN Banker Forum 2012 will be held on December 4-5/2012 at New World Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This event is organized by Vietnam Banks Association in collaboration with International Data Group (IDG).


In recent years, with the context of stagnating credit growth and fiercely rising competition pressure while Vietnam’s banks are in a rough transition time, almost every bank agrees to switch their focus into developing banking services whose revenue accounts for 20-30% of the total sum of the banking industry while the number was only 15-20% last year. Pressure from harsh competitions also triggers booming investments in banking technologies in order to expand the distribution channels and improve service quality.

Moreover, with nearly 40% of the population having regular Internet access, more than 3.5 million mobile phone users and 15.5 million home phone subscribers, Vietnam has long been considered having huge potential in developing technologically advanced financial services. This poses a great opportunity as customers are setting higher expectations for quality of service while is still a challenge which requires more and more efforts from the bankers’ side in the application of advances in information technology (IT) to enhance banking management efficiency, manage credit risks, improve service functions and through convenient payment methods, diversify, modernize and rectify the service channels.

The forum aims to provide an interactive platform for bankers and technology corporations to discuss and evaluate the growth opportunities for retail banking in Vietnam. It also serves as a meeting point for Vietnamese bankers and bankers from the ASEAN countries to meet and exchange experiences for better development in banking sector.

On this event, NetNam honourly became the Internet Sponsor for the Conference and Exhibition. Attendees are able to access NetNam Wireless Internet for free to upload and download online data in stable and rapid speed.

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